Updates and Information Regarding COVID-19

  • What is the Club doing for their members and families?
  • How is the Club extending help to the community?
  • What can YOU do to help during this time?

Dear Friends, Supporters & Community Members,

The need to close our Club in the short-run, to help slow the spread of COVID-19, was clear, but extremely difficult because we know how many children and families rely on our services every day.
We are enormously grateful for the outpouring of support from local businesses and the community at large. To know that you believe in us and are willing to invest in the services we provide has boosted our moral and, even more important, begun to provide the critical cash resources that we need to deliver these services to children and families in our area.  

How are we supporting our members & community?

Our current focus is to provide three types of services for our members:

1) Meals (snack & dinner) – This is already under way and the numbers of individuals we feed is growing daily. We are in ongoing communication with other providers (Sturgeon Bay Schools, DC Medical Center) and will look for additional opportunities to feed more kids and families in more locations.
2) Virtual programs – our staff is preparing to deliver a variety of virtual programs starting March 23. Please check our Facebook page to see these in action.
3) Basic needs– our staff is putting together a variety of packages (clothing, toiletries, school supplies, etc.) for our kids and families. Please check our web site and Facebook page for updates on specific items needed.
This is only the starting point for our services during school closures. We anticipate that the closures will last more than a month. Our staff will continue to refine and expand these three areas as well as evaluate adding additional services, while we support our community through this time. 

How can you help?

Here are two impactful ways you can help meet the needs of our members & the community:

1) Make an unrestricted cash investment: This investment allows us to execute the food and meal initiative, basic need efforts and our on-line learning platform so that we remain engaged with our members and our community. This investment also allows us to be prepared to offer high-impact programming once we are able to open up our doors again.
2) Purchase an item from our “wish list”


The Boys & Girls Club exists in Sturgeon Bay because people in the community believe in us and invest their charitable dollars in our services. We are profoundly grateful for this support and invite you to continue or become one of our critical investors.

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