March: Mark Faust and his dog Duke



“Mr. Mark” and Duke

Mark Faust and his dog Duke

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the Club you will find two of our very popular volunteers visiting. You’ll know as soon as they enter because they are immediately surrounded by any of our members who are nearby. Starting out five years ago at Sawyer School, Mr. Mark and his dog Duke would read with the first and second graders. When we consolidated all our club activities at the Hatch Center, Mark was willing to come over as well. He has continued this important role of helping our members improve their reading skills, with Duke along as a great motivator. Two kids go together to spend time with him; while one reads, the other gets to sit on the floor and spend time with Duke. It is a great combination! They also volunteer two afternoons a week at Sunset School. Thank you Mark and Duke, for being so dedicated to helping kids in this community!